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Who are you? Introduce yourselves here :)

How bout everyone introduce yourselves, tell a little bit about what you do or what you like or whatever... interesting stuff thats more involved than the profiles... lets get to know each other a little bit here...

I'm Joey, 23, Go to UC as an information systems focus (major), with a integral (minor) in digital business (more IT stuff). I'm originally from Georgetown, KY, have lived in clifton since i started at UC in fall of 1998. I'll graduate this march (2003) yay!

I *currently do web development at Chiquita Brands downtown cincy, part-time while i'm finishing up school. (*i'm hoping i don't get laid off soon with all the layoffs that will be goin on)

lets see - i'm into sports: i like to play whatever, like to watch basketball -- and sometimes football and tennis... I'm also into cars and bikes (go figure )...

EDIT: 2006.April.30
As of now, I'm 26, And a graduate of UC in Information Systems and Digital Business. I'm now Systems Administrator for for Peoples Community Bank in West Chester. And I just realized this thread has now been alive for 3.5 years!! WOAH.

Edit: 2008.June.12
As of now, I'm 28, Senior Systems administrator for Maple Knoll Communities in Springdale. And rock on, this thread in moving on through it's 5th year! WAY TO GO ME!
---=== Joey <\\>< ===---
*1999 Suzuki GSX-R 750 [FAST] Red/Black
*2002 Camaro SS M6 [FAST] SOM
*1996 Camaro V6 A4 [SLOW ] Green

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Smile who i am

hi...my name is rodney, i'm a 26 year old ohio university grad...i majored in speacialized studies with an emphasis in anthropology...i lived in san francisco for one year and worked all around the bay area for at&t as an outside plant fiber optic technician...after i was laid off, i came home to ohio to lick my financial wounds, and decided to come to south korea where i currently teach english...i'm having a wonderful experience, and am meeting wonderful people...i do miss being home and tinkering with the bikes though...but soon enough i'll be back home...august to be exact...maybe someday we'll ride together...peace out...rodney
-live and breathe, that's all you have to do-

-69 commando fastback & 78 honda cb 750-
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Old and retired
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Hello, my name is Jim VanDervort. I'm OLD, retired from a career of teaching. Taught aircraft mechanics for the last few years, auto mechanics before that.Rode a lot of bikes from the 50's on.
Still have my 1972 Suzuki TS400 that i and two buddies rode down the Oregon Trail from Casper, WY to the Lander cutoff. Presently ride a Honda CX500 that I bought new in 1978. Oh yes, a 1947 Matchless too.
And 4 airplanes.
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Dave Bannister
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I am who I AM

I grew up in Northwest Indiana but now I Live and Work in the Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati area... Been out of school since 83 (electronics major) but have taken various other certification studies since plus continue studying at the school of hard knocks... Everyday I find out how little I actually know about well everything....

I will ride anything I get my hands on.... So don't offer me a chance to ride yer bike unless you really mean it!!! (I am going to hop right on it) I did grow up riding dirt bikes and my first street bike was a 76 KZ400 in 1980....
79 SR 500,Custom HD ,Stella, Suz DL650, GSXR 600, HD 1125R ,MTS 1000, VMAX
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hello all,
motorpsycho jim here in columbus, OH.. i ride a 1995 Honda VF750C Magna. i really dig the V-4 power. i like riding in south-eastern ohio. i started riding in 1961 at age 11. my father bought me a 1952 Whizzer Sportsman that he found in a barn for $25. it didnt run. father fixed it up for me. my buddies pony could out run it. LOL. i went thru more belts on that bike than gasoline. LOL.. that bike turned me against belt drive forever.
Motorpsycho Jim

Live to Ride not Pose Beside
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Hi, Bill Bradford here - 44 next week, born in Guildford, Surrey (England) and been riding since I was 16. Started on a Yamaha RD250 when they were the latest greatest thing around.. he he he..
I've lived and worked (as a freelance SAP ABAP programmer) in the USA since '93 and in Ohio for most of that time.
I never miss an opportunity to treat everyone to the site of my Italian girlfriend's bottom.

So here it is!!

Cheers, Bill (BamBam)

CORE: Central Ohio Riding Enthusiasts
1999 Ducati 900SS
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Now Bill, what have i told you about showing off Isabella's ass??

Breeze here, i'm 45 years old and a Commercial Cabinet Maker. In my spare time i build custom furniture and restore old motorcycles.
I started riding when i was 9 on an old Harley 80cc. I am a graduate of FSU with a Marketing and Bussiness Degree. (Which btw, hangs in my bathroom right beside the toilet framed with the words"Break glass in case of emergency")

I'm a Florida boy who has been stuck here in Ohio for way too long. However, while here i have made many friends, many good friends.
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Slow but, faster than u!
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Well for those of you who dont know me...Im Dan DeFrancisco AKA mracer29. im 32 yr old i got 3 reallly bratty kids, a few x wives, lots of bills, and a gsxr 750 that im just learnnig to ride...... I live in Gahanna Ohio. I have been riding sence i was 6 so you would think id know how to ride by now but, I still seem to fall off sometimes.......
Dan DeFrancisco

F & S Suzuki
localriders.com Racing
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Fast Eddie
Let's Ride
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Hi, my name is Ed, and I'm a ride-a-holic. I'm a graduate of the University of Maryland with a major in criminology and a minor in psychology. I spent 20 years in the army and I now get to legally drive cars fast (I'll let Dave tell you what I really do). I started riding when I joined the army with a CB360, a H2 while in Germany, and various other Kawasaki's. In '92 I rode my first beemer and have been on them ever since. Since I can't ride that fast I figured riding for distance was my bag. I currently own a BMW R1150GS and a F650GSD. Besides riding I like lifting weights, scuba diving and letting my wife spoil me.
BMW F800GT, Triumph
"If you try to pass me, you will die. I ride at the limit". Sigi Hoffman.
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Hey guys

I'm Patrick from Parkersburg, WV/ Marietta, OH area. I am 33 and work in the oil field. I ride a ex250, gs650 and have a 650waverunner.
Goodluck on all your rides.
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Still Rolling
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My name is Chris, I live in Landen, ohio. Looking for others to ride with. I ride a VSTAR 1100. Currently an unemployed salesman looking for work but first I ride then I look for work.
Just got back from arizona touring the cayon on the back of a 2003 Road King and man what a trip. If any one is going out anytime soon bring lots of warm clothes.....
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Wera F500 National Champ
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My name is Bob, 44 years old from Wheeling, WV, I work in the maint dept of a local hospital. I've been roadracing since the mid 80's and have not had a street ride in that time. Beside racing I also work as a race offical/tech/grid dude for Wera & Fasttrax. Other hobbies include snow sking, footbag and training (lightly) with Tina, my bodybuilding wife of 17 years.
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Split thread to Hey I know this dude!

The thread was starting to get a little off topic...Thanks for giving us a start to a new thread.... BTW, if you didn't notice( MRACER29 and Lizard84) we split your last 2 posts into a new thread...which can be found at the link below:
The LocalRiders.com Admin Staff
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artificially hip
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Hi all, my name is Jordan, I'm an engineer working in the medical device field in Cincinnati, OH. My claim to fame is shown in the picture. Yep, that's my hip (or what's left of it) after my first major crash. Didn't do much damage to the bike, but that tree sure as hell did damage to me. Since I don't remember much about the crash, I was stupid enough to buy a brand new SV650. So if you see something slow and yellow on two wheels (and not a Goldwing) that just might be me.
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Talking I am what I am!

Hello All,

My name is Mike, and I'm a work-o-holic.

I spent the first 30 years of my life scared 2 death of motorcycles and the last 3 years riding as often as possible ...upwards of 35k miles.

I will ride with anyone, anywhere.... So don't offer me a chance to ride with ya unless you really mean it!!!

Myself being a fairly new rider, compared to most in this thread so far. I remember all too well what it was like getting started. I was, and continue to be, very fortunate to have a handful of experienced friends who took/take the time to help me gain experience on the road. Names spared to protect the innocent.

I’d like to encourage all of you experienced riders to keep up the hard work of bringing us newbies along. And also encourage all newer riders to speak up and ask some of the experienced folks on this site, or elsewhere, for some pointers. Or even ask them for a one-on-one ride if you’re not lucky enough to have someone already giving you a kick start.

As you can see by the posts in this thread, there’s lots of experience here on the site. All ya gots to do is ask.

Mike Glisson
05 Concours, 87 CBR 600f, 74 Yamaha Scooter
"Girlfriend?...I've got 2 bikes and a pool table, who has time for a girlfriend? " -Zooky
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