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Screwing with people at fast food

So I went to Burger King today for lunch. I like their fish sandwich. I noticed the following pricing on the board:
Fish sandwich 3.59
Fish Meal 5.69

Whopper sandwich 3.59
Whopper meal 5.59

Hmmm fries with the whopper are cheaper than with the fish.

So I got to the counter to order and asked for a fish meal, but I wanted it with whopper fries.
Cashier: Sir they are all the same fries
Me; yes but Whopper fries are 10 cents cheaper
Cashier: Huh?
Me: Look at the board, sandwich prices are the same but the meal price is cheaper if you get the whopper
Cashier: I donít set the prices
Me: I understand, but ring mine up with the Whopper fries
Cashier: I donít know how to do that

The manager came over and rang it up as an over ride on the price

Cashier: That will be $5.95 sir.
I then hand him $11.00
Cashier: Sir you gave me $1.00 too much
Me: No ÖÖ I gave you $5.05 too much
Cashier: why would you do that?

So as the 3rd grade math lesson continued all I could think of was Iím glad he does not work where I do.
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Re: Screwing with people at fast food

I weep for our future
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He deserves a wage increase!
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Biker Billy
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Re: Screwing with people at fast food

Dave: You're the kind of guy that gives us grumpy old farts a bad name! He was just hoping that you'd tell him to keep the change….
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Re: Screwing with people at fast food

At least the kid is working and not sucking off our tax dollars like the other 46 percent.

I'm glad I wasn't waiting in line behind you.
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John S
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Re: Screwing with people at fast food

Don't f$%& with folks in crappy jobs. There but for the grace of God go you or I.

Be greatful of what you have. All that said...I will push it as far as I can with a cop writing me a lame speeding ticket. There... I want my $126 worth.
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