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Cool Deep Water Dual-Sport

Ok.. so I had one of those dumb ideas this evening, that turned into an "Oh Sh!t" moment. I crossed through a creek that I thought was about 1-foot deep. It wasn't. It was much more. Not only were my wheels completely under water, but so was my exhaust, carbs, and most of the bike. As I was standing on the pegs, the water came up to my knees (and over my boots). That is just shy of 3ft deep. 3ft doesn't sound that deep, but... it is. At the point where I chose to cross, my path took me downstream for 20ft before I could cut back over. I was as committed as I could get and there was no turning back. When the bike disappeared under me, I thought for sure that I was totally screwed, but I just kept on the throttle and it kept chugging away. With the exhaust under water, it was doing plenty of gurgling, but I do not believe that I sucked in any water. The airbox is mounted high. I know that I had to be cutting it extremely close though, because the top of my airbox is at about that height and pulls in air from the front side. I was only at that depth for about 10 seconds, maybe a little more. Any deeper or any longer, and I think the outcome would have been very different. It was definitely and Oh-Sh!t moment (more like "Oh sh!t, oh sh!t, oh sh!t!" moment), but when I emerged on the other side, I said "Wow, that was cool!". I'm not sure if I'd do it again intentionally, but I have to ask... is that my limit? COULD I do that again, at that depth? Provided that I'm not sucking in any water, am I hurting anything?

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