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Mid Ohio - Race of Champions

You know it has been so long since we were at Mid-Ohio that I can barely remember what all happened. So here are the highlights….

Jeff and I showed up Sunday afternoon in hopes to sneak in while the vintage folks were trickling out so we could grab a good pit location. After we got our credentials for the week we met up with Doug and proceeded to wait for our spot to open up. I managed to find Bill and Bob and got an earful of exciting information on how their weekend went. The kind folks blocking the spot where we wanted to be in finally left and we were able to get the trailer in place. We got the flooring setup and few other things organized that we didn’t feel like doing in the morning and headed off to dinner. We dragged the whole crew with us, Bill, Bob, Jeff K. and Matt in tow. Good times.

The next morning Jeff and I get our bikes tech’d and got ready for practice. Nothing really spectacular happened to me during the day but watching Jeff tear through tires was a little disturbing. Later on we found out that Jeff should have been on a harder compound which Pirelli do not have in the truck.

Tuesday’s weather report pretty much showed us that we were going to get hammered sometime throughout the day. AMA took this into consideration and moved the premier races up on the schedule to get them in before the rain hit. From the grumbles in the riders meeting it put a few people in a pinch and some actually missed the races. Luckily the front missed us and the 2 races and all of our qualifying went on without a hitch. I have never been all that good at qualifying. This is mainly because I’ve never been one to throw new tires at it. I made the best of it and had a little fun while I was at it. Jeff was still destroying tires and at one point I offered my bike to help him get through the day. Doug intervened and came up with another solution for him. Luckily it worked and he was able to qualify pretty good for the rest of the races.

Wednesday was finally here. It seemed like these weekday races go slower than usual. We get through practice and I had to rush around to get my bike ready because I was in the first race. I can never understand why the Open/A class is always the last practice and the first race. I go out for my warm up lap and the first thing I thought was, “Ah, new tires.” We all get in our grid positions and they throw the green flag I got a great start from the second row and almost got the hole shot into turn one. I followed Todd (Thomas) up and through the Key Hole and hit the back straight and he started to pull on me. Just when I started to get frustrated with my 600 Brian (Healea) blasted past on his 1000 like we were sitting still. I was so impressed with power of his bike that the only thing that came to mind was, “Wow!” The next lap Gene (Burcham) got by in a similar fashion. I believe on the third lap I snuck up inside Todd in turn one to take over third. I actually braced myself for a pass once we got to the back straight but I managed to hold off his 1000 for the rest of the race and secured the last podium spot.

I had four other races after that. To be honest I don’t remember much of what happened except for some fun battles with Ben (Lingel) and a front tire issue that cause much slower lap times towards the end of the day. I actually carried a front rim over to the tire vendors to have a new one put on and couldn’t find Quentin or Moose. They must have been watching some of the races. I ultimately ran out of time and just ran what I had for the last two races. On my last race I almost went off the track in turn one because the front wasn’t holding as well as it was earlier. My results for the final races were sixth, seventh, eighth and a ninth place.

We had a lot of fun and dodged a lot of weather. It was a shame that not many people showed up. AMA put on a great show for us. I have to admit it was fun standing on the podium during the awards ceremony. Cycle Jam is next. Wait until you here what happened down there……

I got a bunch of great pictures Jeff Kovac took. As soon as I can get them uploaded I will post them up.

Big thanks to all of my sponsors! Middletown Cycle, Cinema Concepts, Worldwide Bearings, 35 Motorsports, Spider Grips, NKY Signs, Cycle Options, Sharkskinz, Newtown Feed & Supply and of course Localriders.com.
Rob Hancock

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