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The off season

You know just because the season is over doesn’t mean racing isn’t on the brain. I have spent the last month sending out resumes, following up with sponsors and training my ass off. It’s almost a logistical nightmare keeping everything straight. Thankfully things are starting to come together. All my current sponsors will be on board for next season and in most cases with more support. You wouldn’t believe how time consuming all this is.

Several weeks after the last race I gave the bike a good cleaning and a lot of service work to prepare her for the several months of sitting. The service consisted of replacing all the fluids, motor oil, fork oil, brake fluid, cleaning the air filter and draining the water. I didn’t want old nasty oil just sitting in the engine and in the fork tubes. With all the brake problems I had this year I certainly didn’t want old shit sitting in the brake system either. I drain the water because the water wetter mixture will freeze in my garage and that can be bad in so many ways. I also had Reuben at 35 Motorsports rebuild my shock so it’s ready to go. I finally had time to replace all the destroyed pieces on my exhaust. Buff’s repair job lasted through the last race and will make an excellent spare if anything were to happen. Now that it is pretty again I need to figure out how to install a slider so I quit grinding the rivets off the can.

Right now the bike is currently on display in the main show room at Middletown Cycle. If you get a chance stop and check it out. Make sure you say hi to Aaron and the rest of the Middletown crew. I am planning on bring her home sometime after Christmas because there is a lot more work to be done. I am hoping to do a few track days down at Jennings in January and February. My motor also is going to be sent to Reuben to get “freshened” up.

It’s not even January yet and the 2010 season has already started.
Rob Hancock

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