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There was a time when I would ride 10,000 to 12,000 miles a year and I could not wait to get back on my bike. That has waned in the last couple of years. In the last 6 months of riding I have seen some really stupid things going on out on the roads. I have been rear ended 2x once on the bike stopped at a light with a car in front of me and once in my car trying to merge on to I-71. Between killer pot holes, people throwing cigarette butts and other garbage out the windows, people texting, watching movies and driving with headphones on I was about to give it up. Last Friday I had some asshat in the curb lane want to drag race me so he could cut in front of me just shy of the parked car in HIS LANE. After he passed the parked car he swerved around me while Ĺ in my lane, got in front of me and brake checked me. He was then egging me to come up to him. I laid way back and let him get nearly a block in front of me before I started up to speed again. Then he stopped to wait for me. Thankfully there was a side street for me to duck down and I donít think he would have caught me in his late model Camero if he had turned around if I didnít want him to. Bottom line Iím done. I doubt Iíll commute to work on a bike any more. I donít need the aggravation.
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