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Re: Rip dbr0051

Hard to believe it's been that long already. In that year-- I have lost 3 other friends. The Doc told me Monday that what he removed from my carotid artery was a plug of goo the size of your baby finger from the top knuckle to the finger tip. He said it was hanging on by literally a strand as small as a piece of thread.
.. A bump, a rub of my neck or the pressure of a shaver could have caused it to let go. Had it let go I would have suffered a massive stroke and begin to assume room temp or ended up in a nursing home with some bored tattooed crack whore drawing smiley faces on my bare ass with a magic marker.
2 days before my operation, I was installing a new set of front shocks on my old van and trying to check my U joints for a funny vibration.
That's nothing compared to the tragedies our friends have experienced (Lil Chris for instance), or the unbelievable setbacks Jeff has fought through or what our friend Ed is dealing with.
.. It just goes to show Doods-- (and Doodettes). Never pass up a chance to enjoy life-- and all it's blessings.
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