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things from last year and what to do this year

well last year i visited the drag strip ehh 3 or 4 times had fun every time. im still working on the 1100 i managed to get the 1100 down to a 10.60, but my launching is the main problem........well i had lots of problems and most are adressed this year.

i had a blown rear shock, with no charge in it effectively only a spring out back, not going to help me out much there is it, so i found a works performance ultracross shock which is now on it.

2. the re gripping of the throttle in 1st gear so i can get full throttle, i now have a yoshi 1/4 turn throttle.

3.wheelie i have front straps and will be getting adjustable links for the rear. the nice thing is i can adjust them the other way aswell to increase the rear ride height so when im done draggin i can set it up for twistys.

4. better at the 60ft well thats all saddle time as near as i can figure, i have good reaction times, just poor 60 foot times.

5.more from the engin dept. well i have realized that being im going to be a daddy here in about 7 months i need to finish up all the things ive been wanting to do to the 1100 so the old gixxer is gong from 150 rwhp to ehh around 160 to 170, then its getting a bit of the juice to it 36hp shot which ill keep in reserve for those just incase situations, im shooting for about 200hp at the wheel. im hoping with all the mods to the bike and some more saddle time i can drop into the 9's.

well my fist time to the strip this year will be may 11th im hoping to have it done by then.
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