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Dave Bannister
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Update on progress

Well I should of been a further but life gets in the way but pleased Iíve made a few huge steps forward

Crank has been completely refurbished
Balanced, rods, lab seals higher quality bearings etc etc and I did not anticipate the cost would be so high but itís done!

Cases are soda blasted ( thanks to a good friend)

And Iíve been piecing together original bodywork parts and scored real nice original side covers but struggling finding a fuel tank thatís prestigious but have cleaned up the original with metal restore and if push comes to shove it holds liquid and the inside I tried using a sealer failed miserably so itís had metal restore soaking inside for months and is adequate if I had to settle for the patina look.. but seeing how Iím in this deep I not going to settle yet to be continued

These chambers in the next photo I bought a mid-Ohio this past July and are so badass

So I plan on building the bottom end in the evenings starting this week, I still need cylinders bored and buying wossner pistons which cylinders are being cleaned up and soda blasted then off to machine shop I hope soon! Little odds and ends I have such as all turn signals, shifter brake pedals etc some items purchased from eBay that we not useable but planning on finished product to be stock with pipes and slightly warmer motor with tuned/balancing and just raising the exhaust ports slightly! Still looking into possibilities of figuring out the exact squish to prevent pre-ignition and if I need to shim tranny once I start putting together the bottom end
To be continued

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