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Team Squid Racing
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#11 Race report a little late

After a couple of months of frantically ordering and installing parts our new 2004 F&S Suzuki GSXR 600 it was finally time to head to Nelson Ledges. With only 36 "parking lot" and dyno miles on the odometer the number #11 bike was ready to rock when it hit the track Saturday morning. Factory was the first one out on the new GSXR. He was sent out in the cold with the plan of just running up some quasi aggressive miles. After about 15 minutes he brought it back in with a big smile. This thing has incredible motor. I will not even mention the guy on the 750 who thought it was a 1000. Anyway Dean (thanks) lent us a hand trying to do a little suspension work to get the bike started. We got the Penske rear in place but we are still on stock front forks so suspension still isn't right but good enough for now. Fast forward a 150 miles of practice and it is time for the riders meeting.

All day long people asked what time was the race going to start? My answer "When it starts raining." Guess I should have used my psychic powers for the lottery. Bob called for the riders meeting and the rain started falling. Kind of a bummer after a beautiful afternoon of practice. O'well. Factory got to start on a very wet track. Lucky him. He ran good times for someone on a radically different bike from anything else he had ridden. He had lots of baby slides and wiggles but made it back to the pits after 45 minutes with the bike intact. We made a decent pit stop and I was off and running. The track was drying out with every lap and I was enjoying the new bike. About an hour into my run I was still dropping lap times with every pass. The weather looked threatening again but the track was in good shape. I was trucking along and found out the hard way that it was raining half way through the carousel. Well next thing I know with no warning I tuck the front. Guess that new pretty asphalt was a little slick. I pick the bike up and immediately try to restart it. It fires but I have no brakes. I tinker and still nothing. O'well ride back to the pits with no brakes in the rain. We can figure it out there. By this time it is pouring. I slowly make my way back to the pits and immediately yell BRAKES!. After a minute we realize the obvious problem. I had snapped the heads off of both brake lines. This is a new Suzuki feature I guess. Well after borrowing a bolt from camcool (thanks guys) and a master cylinder from the 29 bike (thanks guys) Buff from holeshot (thanks buff) is able to get us up and running with 1 front brake. LOL. Factory some how managed to finish out the race with only one brake passing many riders and running some of his best lap times. Very impressive for no brakes. We are debating putting the other one back on. Seems Greg runs better with 1.

3 hours the checker drops and we are still in 4th. Just couldn't make up the laps we lost because I bounced the #`11 F&S Suzuki off the ground. We gave it hell though. Lots of good racing this year in the middleweight class. Should be a great season. I would like to thank F&S Suzuki. They (Jeff, Tim, Ron, Bill, Doug, and company) have been critical in getting this 04 GSXR 600 up and running in time. Thanks to Vortex for helping out with lots of the hardware to convert a street bike to a race bike. (If you need anything Vortex let me know. I bet I can save you a few dollars. ) Thanks to all Localriders.com members. Your support really helps more than you will ever know. Thanks Jeff (sherpadude) for taking some great photos. Thanks to Bill and Holeshot Motorsports for their continued support and help in the pits. Thanks to our crazy painter (FlyingTurtle1) poor guy has to do it again because I can't ride. And whomever I am forgetting thanks to you to. Now if we can just avoid flying chickens at Grattan life will be good.

Team Squid Racing


2004 F&S Suzuki GSXR 600

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