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Re: Race report July 21 2007

Originally Posted by RJH_5150 View Post
I wanted to start off saying thanks to for helping Jeff and I out and getting us to the track. Our weekend started off with a quick load of the trailer and nice long trip to Nelson. Our conversations mainly consisted of who we were going to park next to because we had no help in the pits. We weren’t to worried about it because I knew that anyone in the Fattrax family would be more than happy to help us out. Which was the case because we pitted next to team Road Rage and Chris’s wife took control of the pits and kept us in line.

Saturday morning turned out to be very busy. We decided to run in heavyweight so we wouldn’t interfere with the middleweight battle. Jeff so graciously put his bike up on the chopping block and I had 2 practices to get used to it. Not only did I have to learn his bike but also I had never raced a bike with GP shift before. I was also a little worried how well I was going to be able to ride because of a 4-week-old rib injury. Damn dirt bikes.

Jeff and I flip a coin, well, not really, and we decided that I was to start the race. Which means Jeff gets to do the scrub in laps during the solos. After Jeff yells at me for making him do a scrub in lap on cold tires we put the warmers on for the next scrub and the bike is ready to go.

5-minute board up, warmers off and on to the track we go. Green flag and the clock starts ticking. I get a decent start considering I have never launched the bike before and jump out ahead. I was able to hold to the lead for about 37 minutes until Team R&D squeezes by right before we pit.

I jump off the bike, Road Rage crew fills the tank and Jeff takes off. Jeff filled with the 40 minutes of anxiety of watching someone beat on his bike settles and gets down business. Meantime I watch Team R&D’s pit stop (5 seconds long at most ) and started questioning my decision to run heavyweight. Jeff holds onto 2nd and comes blazing into the pits 40 minutes later. Chris’s wife and I had a nice long discussion about our fuel situation. I asked her to talk with Jeff and figure out how long I need to stay out so Jeff won’t run out of gas on his last stint.

Worried about how long they were going leave me out there I take off. I was trying to run as consistent as I could until the pain kicked in. I hit a bump (imagine that ) and it drove the tank into my sore ribs. It took all I could to hold onto the bike. Shortly after that I notice I was closing on Team R&D. After I past them I told myself that I have to get at least 30 second ahead of them to give us enough time for our last pit stop. Screaming in pain through “Stanley” and the “Kink” I soldier through my remaining 15 of a 50-minute run and finally get the signal to come in.

I crawl off the bike and almost made a huge mistake. I got impatient and yelled to our crew to stop filling thinking it was full. Jeff takes off and we get him out ahead of R&D keeping us in the lead. I started getting a little more comfortable knowing that Team R&D still had another pit stop to do. Jeff caught up with R&D and was battling to put them another lap down when R&D collided with a lapped rider. Jeff passes and starts pulling away. I try to signal to Jeff that we have a huge lead and to take it easy. With 15 minutes left to go our gaslight is on. Jeff rides the longest 15 minutes of his life and brings the bike home, on fumes and first over all.

It was a great race and Jeff and I had an awesome time racing with everyone. Big thanks to Todd, Carol and the whole Fattrax family for running a great event. Stick man for the great commentary on Nelson's Pirate Radio (which I am listening to while I am writing this). Team Road rage for taken care of everything in the pits. The trophy belongs to you guys just as much as us. Mize Mobile for a great set Bridgestone tires, Thanks Quentin! I also want to mention all of our sponsors, Worldwide Bearings, Holeshot Motorsports, NKY Signs, Racers Edge, and Twisted Cycle. We can’t forget Localriders. Thanks Dave and Mike for everything!
I can't wait to tell stories like these. Win or lose, I plan on having a great time when I can afford it.
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