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Re: Another Project found thrown in my truck

Originally Posted by LeeBee View Post
H2 is the widow maker.

I have never heard of the H1 causing problems.

Mike Ross (high school buddy) was single when he woke up in the hospital... His 750 pitched him in the ditch while he was practicing for the drag races. Had his helmet on, still doesn't remember anything about the accident...

Lee B
We just called the H1's (and the H2's)
"Flexible Flyers."
They wallowed so bad in the corners, it was anyone's guess which side they would crash on.
It took some real balls to pass em.
And if you did, they would just re-pass you on the straights.
One took me out in the pouring rain at Nelson's back in 74???
All through the race we swapped places. Battling for last spot on the podium.
He passed me on the back straight just before the kink, lost it and stood it up. Leaving me no choice but to go grass sledding at about 115MPH.
(somewhere there's an 8MM movie of me flying thru the air about 8' up)
2014 Aprilia Shiver 750
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