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Wow, Dave, does that bring back memories from the 70's! I rode that same model bike
all over Ohio & N Ky, even in heavy snowfall. It was the only bike out of about half a dozen
riders that made it up the hill climb in Latonia, Ky before they opened up I-275. Sadly, it got
stolen from my father-in-law's porch in Covington, Ky while Penny & I were out on a date after
we had just got married. It did get recovered a few months later in Carrollton, Ky when the thief
made the mistake of stripping off all the street legal lights & turn signals & riding it across
the road in front of a police car. They returned all the stripped parts in boxes to me. When I took
it to the Yamaha dealer in Amelia, Oh to return it back to original shape, I used it as a downpayment
on a Bomber Fish N Ski bass boat there (that dealership also sold boats & had a mini Bass Pro Shop also).
That was in 1980, & I didn't get another motorcycle till 2003, 23 years later.
Loved that Yamaha 400 on & off the of the best of the street & trail models back in the day!
2001 BMW Z3 Roadster 3.0

Dandridge, Tn.

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