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eBay scams

Last night, I bid (and lost) on an item on eBay. Within minutes I received a "second chance" notification. Then, literally a few hours later, I received a second.
I was elated when I got the first but the huge difference in spelling and grammer from the first "notification" and the response to my reply made me suspicious. I sent eBay a copy and asked for clarification. So far, I have only recieved automated replies.
It is scarey to think a corporate entity as large as eBay cannot protect your personel e-mail address from scammers.
The scammers had AOL and YAHOO e-mail addresses. I am writing them also requesting they delete these addresses and prevent further use of their services from those locations/persons. I am also contacting the police. If they can spend money luring sexual predators to my area by posing as underage teens on the internet, maybe they can spend a few bucks and sting these criminal SOB's
Don't know how far I'll get but it's worth a try.

Here are the scam letters I received.

*** Contact the seller at this e-mail address : ***
You expressed interest in an item titled " Honda : GL500 Item number: 4638087882 " by bidding, however the auction has ended with another member as the high bidder. In compliance with eBay policy, the seller of that item is making this Second Chance Offer to you at your bid price of US $0,000.00. The seller has issued this Second Chance Offer because either the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction. If you accept this offer, you will be able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection. To purchase this item, don't reply to this mail, just contact the seller at .Thank you, eBay, Inc
*** Contact the seller at this e-mail address : ***
Thank you, eBay, Inc

__________________________________________________ _________
Here is the other
__________________________________________________ _________
From: Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 23:23:55 EDT
Subject: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item 4638087882
To: (they had my e-mail address)

I am the seller of theHonda : GL500 Item number: Item number: 4638087882 and I've just been contacted by the eBay staff who informed me that the winner of the item I sold, withdrew his bidding and was rejected due to security reasons (either failed to follow through on the purchase commitment or outright refused to do so). The eBay policy automatically proclaims you to be the winner by default. Nevertheless, I need your agreement on this so I may contact eBay to confirm you the winning position, otherwise I'll relist the item. Your last auctioned bid prior to being outbid is taken into consideration. If interested, please email me back to have it officially sealed through eBay. Our transaction will be performed only under eBay's rules and instructions, no exceptions.
Thank you!
__________________________________________________ _______

I hope this prevents anyone of us from getting scammed.
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