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Re: Not entirely new just a few new parts

Originally Posted by Dave Bannister View Post

It went around the block on the 3rd heat cycle itís a light switch when it hits the power band not disappointed at it we were able to tune it better so it wasnít so violent when it hit the pipe and be rode easy but the trip around the block trying to just throttleup was silly lol
HA HA-- "light switch"
Love it.
Brings back memories of my RD.
DG heads, FPP chambers and pistons with porting the size of a picture window.
Power began at 9000 ( and I do mean "began" it wouldn't pull itself out of a wet paper bag til then) and went out at about 10,500.
I never left the hairpin at Nelsons onto the front straight with the front wheel touching the ground.
looks great Dave!!
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