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Gravel happens
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Need a reason to ride? Lets play....

..... photo tag

Rules are simply:
  1. Find the last posted tag, take a picture of your bike in front of it, and post it with the location where the last tag was (Note: The tag must be clearly visible in the picture you take). Then post the next tag (there can be a time gap of a couple of days). Only the first person posting can post the next tag.
  2. Tag needs to be less then 100 miles away from Cincinnati, OH (sorry iron butters)
  3. Tag needs to be accessible with any street legal bike (e.g. close to a paved road, no dirt, gravel, single track required to get there)
  4. Hints must be given to find the tag if it is not obvious (e.g. easlily googled)
Lets start, here is the first one:

  • Road has the same digits as a large and famous passenger airplane from Boing (think big), but not in the same order
  • The tag is located between South of SR32 and North of SR125

OK, Joern rides to where the road ends... Then he speeds off into whatever is in front of him... (Thom)
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