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pguest 05-24-2004 08:52 AM

Fast Czech rider injured at VIR
Robert Mateka crashed his Kawasaki 636 in practice at VIR Friday morning. We didn't even know Robert was going to be there for last weekend's WERA event. Greg found out while perusing the paddock area during the endurance race on Friday (I was in the scoring tower for 4+ hours that afternoon).
He was transported to a local hospital, and we heard Sunday morning that he has a broken collarbone & a few broken ribs. As of Sunday morning he was not released from the hospital, AFAIK. Doug & Darla of MPH made arrangements for getting his rig home. Thanks to them & their friends.
Doug/Darla, if you hear of any news regarding Robert, please post it here.

Motorsports Photo 05-25-2004 01:34 AM

Latest word I got was at Crooked River today.

Broken collarbone and a buch of cracked ribs on the back side, not the usual front cracks!

Roberts expected escape date is Thurs. and his girlfriend is supposed to bring him back.

(Does this qualify as a "bounced" Czech??) :p


Ducati Hottie 999 05-25-2004 07:20 AM

Pete that was BAAAAAD!

CrookedRiver_Todd 05-25-2004 11:06 AM

Damn...that sucks :(

I know Robert was looking forward to running several WERA events this year, along with the Fasttrax/CCS stuff.

Hope he heals quickly!

RJH_5150 05-25-2004 11:38 AM

I agree
I was looking forward to running a few sprints with him this year. Get well soon.

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