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icantdrive55 04-04-2018 02:46 PM

Aerostich Roadcrafter I-Pc Suit--$395 OBO

Goretex construction, black with silver accents, size 44R, BOD 3/19/92 (yes, you read that right). I'm 5'11" (going on 5'10") and 205-210# (going on 215) and it fits perfectly in the legs, sleeves, and body, but I doubt I'd say that if I were 1" taller and 5# heavier. No crash damage, has armor in shoulders/elbows/knees. All zips, snaps and Velcro tabs are intact and functional, although a couple of the front Velcro closures are showing some minor fraying. Cleaned, albeit a bit dusty from hanging in the closet, from a smoke-free house (in the spirit of full disclosure, we have a dog, but she's never worn the 'Stich to my knowledge).

I bought this several years from the original owner in like-new condition, and it still is. I've worn it prolly half-dozen times on long day rides hoping to find joy in a onesie...and never came to love it. It's comfortable, warm and weather-proof (so far as I know), and perfectly functional, but I just strongly prefer a 2-pc riding suit. Some folks swear by this as the ultimate riding garment, and I'm not gonna debate that. I just bought a used Klim jacket/pant combo and it's time to let the 'Stich run free.

Hoping to sell this locally, but if there's no interest I'll post it on ADVR for more to cover the hassle of jumping though the flaming hoops of shipping.

Pics available on the FB forum or I'll email 'em to you.

Dave Bannister 04-07-2018 09:24 AM

Re: Aerostich Roadcrafter I-Pc Suit--$395 OBO
This suit could double as a snow suit! just saying :)

icantdrive55 04-07-2018 12:10 PM

Re: Aerostich Roadcrafter I-Pc Suit--$395 OBO
Sold. Thanks for playing!

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